Background Information

Q-Star Test provides products and services supporting a total-solution test strategy. We offer measurement equipment, test and design for test (DFT) consulting services and training courses.

As a world leading provider our state-of-the-art solutions support the application and implementation of advanced IDDX and ISSX test strategies and allow to rethink and optimize electronic testing.

Q-Star Test products

  • are state-of-the-art and best-in-class
  • combine high speed and high accuracy with high capacitive load driving capability
  • combine high speed voltage regulation with fast current measurement functionality
  • introduce no voltage droop
  • provide high resolution and highly repeatable current measurements
  • are covered by long-time support
  • are easy to use and test system independent

Q-Star Tests static/quiescent current measurement instruments (also referred to as IDDQ or ISSQ modules) serve a wide range of applications:

  • Standard and advanced IDDQ tests
  • Stand-by current measurements
  • Power-down current measurements
  • Bias current measurements
  • Average current measurements
  • Analog DC and low frequency current measurements

Equally, Q-Star Tests dynamic current measurement instruments (also referred to as IDDT modules) serve a wide range of applications:

  • Dynamic and transient (IDDT) current tests
  • Power profiling of circuits and systems
  • Active current consumption
  • E-fuse programming validation

Q-Star Tests current measurement instruments are divided into these product families:

  • Analog / Continuous current measurement instruments
  • Static / Quiescent current measurement instruments
  • Dynamic current measurement instruments
  • Supply & Support units

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