Ridgetop Europe - Engineering Innovation in Test, Measurement & Prognostics.

Founded in 1999 as Q-Star Test, Ridgetop Europe is a Belgium based global leader in advanced and innovative high-speed, high-accuracy current test and measurement solutions and electronic predictive maintenance, aging monitoring and health management solutions.

With its unmatched Q-Star Test™ product line, Ridgetop Europe offers IDDx measurement instruments supporting cost-effective applications of true IDDQ, delta-IDDQ, advanced IDDQ, IDDT, and analog IDD test strategies to digital, analog, and mixed-signal circuits, yielding yield improvement, cost reduction and product quality enhancement. Q Star Test small-sized instruments are ATE-independent and outperform ATE-related IDD test hardware by at least a factor of 100 (with respect to measurement speed) and offer a more than 10x improvement in test data quality (with respect to measurement resolution and repeatability).

Our solutions are widely applicable and address engineering, production and failure analysis (FA) productivity improvement; test time/cost reduction; efficient deployment of current based test strategies for electronic circuits, irrespective of technology; and offer

improved defect detection, test cost & test escape risk reduction, health observation capabilities and improved defect localization & identification.

Our engineering services focus on hardware and software applications, electronic circuit and system design, developing dedicated test & measurement hardware, test program engineering and the implementation and application of reliability verification and electronic predictive maintenance.

We are also supporting the TSSI Test Pattern Conversion and Test Program Generation products on the European Market


Ridgetop Europes activities, solutions and services address the following themes:

  • Advanced (Current) measurement solutions applicable to digital, analog, mixed-signal and RF devices and systems
  • Engineering services supporting design, prototyping, validation and test of electronic circuits and systems
  • Hardware-Software co-design with a focus on DFT, verification and test.
  • Design for Test (DFT) and Test Optimization related consulting and training services
  • Test Engineering services supporting test program development and test program optimization
  • Reliability Verification & Electronic Predictive Maintenance and Health Monitoring Solutions, consisting of sensors, data acquisition, data processing and data analytics tools and consulting/training services, enabling to better assess healthiness of electronic circuits and systems and to make reliable (remaining) lifetime predictions

Ridgetop Europe serves its customers in addition with DFT and Test solutions leading to test effort and test cost reduction and, at the same time, to improved product quality and testability. Our solutions support low cost implementations of 0ppm/ppb programs as well. The Q-Star Test™ product line support a total-solution test strategy and consist of measurement equipment, consulting services and training courses.
Our plug-and-play interface board application products provide an easy way to implement a supply (IDDx) or ground (ISSx) current test strategy in an existing production environment. With Ridgetop Europe, you get more than just technology.  Behind our solutions stands an experienced team who knows your problems, needs and expectations!

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